Spiritual Lessons & Self Care

  • The Subconscious & Unconscious Mind

    The Conscious Mind , The Subconscious Mind & The Unconscious Mind. The key word to understanding what role the conscious mind takes on is "Awar...
  • Introduction To Candle Magic

    Introduction To Candle Magic: Types Of Candles + Color Correspondence There are various types of candles used in candle magic , each candle type...
  • C A N C E R S

    About The Astrological Sign Cancer
  • The 8 Forms Of Intimacy

    An informative article that dives into the different layers of love and how to maintain a healthy , whole relationship. ย 

    Written By Soul Shop Staff : SofaKingLegendariย 

  • Green Flags In A Relationship

    A List Of Green Flags In Relationships ๐Ÿ’š
  • 25 Self Love Affirmations

    A List Of Affirmations For The Heart
  • Pslams Uses

    The pslams listed is provided to help you with specifc areas of your life .
  • D R E A M T Y P E S

    โœจRecurring Dreams:Have you ever had the same dream repeat over and over? These recurring dreams are often indicative of an energetic loop running t...
  • Water Symbolism

    W A T E R ย S Y M B O L I S Mย  SpiritualBasics101: Since the beginning of time water has been associated with cleansing + purification.ย Yet it signi...