Water Symbolism

W A T E R  S Y M B O L I S M 


Since the beginning of time water has been associated with cleansing + purification. Yet it signifies that and so much more . Lets start with talking about the different types of waters , there's various waters people use . From Holy Water , the water that repels and cleanses space , negative entities and energy , to Rose Water , the water that opens up your heart chakra , invites love + tenderness in your life , helps with self-love  and attracting love , To Florida Water which is used for purification of your space , divination tools and everything in between, it is even used as an offering it certain rituals.  We even continually take cleansing baths ,to purify our energetic fields + being , which consists of water , herbs and sometimes oils . Now lets dive deeper into the symbolic meaning of water starting with dreaming of it. When DREAMING of water it is usually shows the status of your emotional & psychological state , shallow or dirt waters means disconnection , stress , negativity clouded thinking , clear water .Clear calm bodies of water are represents strong spiritual connection , rebirth , having your emotions under control and strong intuition. If tides present themselves in the dream and it consumes you it is a warning of obstacles or situations that will challenge your emotional well being coming in the future. IF you are able to swim and maneuver through the tides it means you will prevail through the obstacle , swimming in calm waters signifies success , and that you are enjoying life .Waterfalls are symbolic of renewal , cleansings , new beginnings. Other associations with water is intuition , cycles , blessings , transformation , fertilization.


Fun Facts : 
Astrological Water Signs:
• Cancer (The Crab)( Cardinal ) 🦀 : Represents : Purification , Clarity .
• Scorpio (Scorpion) (Fixed) 🦂:Represents: Mystery & Stillness
• Pisces (The Fish) (Mutable) 🐟: Represents : Depth , Emotions , Motions

Tarot + Water :
In Tarot , Cups are associated with the element of water Because cups rule our emotional state and so does water. Other cards associated with the element water is The Moon , The Star & The Temperance.

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