Cancers are feminine , cardinal water signs . Ruled by the symbol of the crab , the symbol itself showcasing the crab claws . Cancer Season takes place June 21st - July 22nd . Cancers are known most commonly for their moodiness and temperaments yet there is so much more to them they are intuitive beings , sentimental and often very sympathetic. This is because they are ruled by the moon , the moon influences our emotions and psychic insights /sensitivity. Cancers home life &  connections they make are primarily important to them . Cancers placements often feel better or thrive when they are in familiar environments or surrounded by others they love . Yet because Cancers often have trouble trusting others outside their family  or immediate circle they may appear to seem very closed off . Cancers often worry , feel anxious or ruminate and this begins to affect their stomach as the body parts they are tied to are  the stomach and breast . Which can begin to develop issues in those areas IF they are unbalanced , emotionally , mentally and spiritually . Cancer Placements often are very psychic , have strong clairvoyance or are very on point  about people . Cancer Placements would benefit from saying positive affirmations , mantras or prayers everyday because they often loved told words of affirmations / encouragement from those around them as this increases their inner spark. Cancers lucky days are Monday’s because Monday is really Moon-Day , the day ruled by the moon.

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