For The Love Of Herbs : Cinnamon 🧁🤎

Spicing’ It Up  In The Bedroom With Cinnamon & More

Cinnamon: Cinnamon is known for its powerful ability to speed up a spell and make things happen in a hurry. This is because cinnamon is ruled by the element of fire .  Cinnamon  can be used for attraction in love , it's an attention grabber , it invites passions . One way to spice up your love life with cinnamon is to burn Cinnamon incenses , burning cinnamon incenses will help create feelings , an atmosphere and space in your bedroom that is safe , sexy and comfortable . Scents  tend to help shift the energy and send vibrations out to help with the manifestations of our desires . Another spiritual technique to crank it up a notch  and help create a stable sex life with your herbs is to incorperarte candle magic with herbal magic . First write a petition paper stating you exact intentions with this spell and how you imagine it to improve your sex life or romantic relationship . Be sure to cleanse your candle beforehand . After you have written your petition and cleansed your candle. You can  choose to engrave your name on the candle or leave it as it is .   You then can  anoint  a white , pink or red candle with cinnamon oil or almond oil , almond oil spiritual attributes include creating long lasting love .   Next roll the candle color of your choice in cinnamon powder , the next step is very important  and that is  to pair cinnamon with a calmer herb such as rosemary , lavender , marigold . or yarrow. The combination of both a masculine and a feminine herb helps not only invite passion into your love life but sweetness . Too much masculine energy in a love spell is doomed from the start , and can lead to obsession , erratic behavior and even stalkers ,  if you want to have a balance of  passion , sweetness and stability be sure to use masculine and feminine herbs  . After you can restate your intentions, play some sensual music to feed the energy of your candle /spell. One last simple way to spice up your love life with cinnamon is to simply place cinnamon sticks in your bedroom or make sachet to put on or hang by your bed , to invite love in.  So the next time , things seem a little dull , unstable or uninviting in love , remember there's a lot of magic in the little stick.

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