Pslams Uses

💚Pslams 1: spiritual strength , overcome enemies , remove self from bad situations , protection against early delivery / pregnacy protection , avoiding miscarriages & protection from attacks against animals


💚Pslams 2: protection from storms , protection of home during storm , good to conquer enemies, influence others


💚Pslams 3 - Backaches & Headaches , removes evil eye ,freedom of worrying


💚Pslams 4 - Change luck from bad to good , peaceful sleep , envy , remove tension


💚Psalms 5 - good for business , stopping slander , to quiet someone


💚Pslams 6 - healing for eyes , protection in dark,comfort sickness in blood disorders


💚Pslams 7-protection against enemies , remove hexes , return to sender


💚Pslams 8 - Business Success , Binding enemies , increase business affairs


💚Pslams 9 - restoration of child health, incure impotancey , protection during court cases


💚Pslams 10 - Cleanse spirits, vanquish lower spirits


💚Pslams 11 - safe from prosecutuion , against violence in the home


💚Pslams 12 -  Protection against prosecution / oppression , stop gossip


💚Pslams 13 : against violence and bodily harm


💚Pslams 14 : in favor with men , freedom from slander


💚Pslams 15: against evil , unsainty , find out the truth


💚Psalms 16: transform sorrows to joy , calm mental disorder


💚Pslams 17- protection against slander


💚Pslams 18 - against theft , protection of home


*💚Psalms 19: assist you from dangerous delivery in child birth , spiritual protection , luck in gambling


*💚Psalms 20: to free self from danger and suffering , when having a bad feeling say this


💚Psalms 21: return negativity to source , say while traveling over water


💚Pslams 22: against misfortune , remove bad luck


*💚Pslams 23 (recite before all the pslams ) -protects from psychic attacks , creates barrier around you , gives divine instruction in dreams , cleansing and purification , calming , blessing items , controls fear


💚Pslams 24 : opens the door to opportunies and success


💚Pslams 25: helping with breaking bad habits and against addiction


*💚Pslams 26 - release from jail, protects against danger while traveling , remove unloyal people , if someone needs to realize their being treated badly


💚Psalms 27: Overcoming Phobias, wanna be unoticed ( to be invisible)


💚Pslams 28: to rekindle with a person , increase harmony within home , dim black magic


💚Pslams 29:Good to cast out evil spells , creating a doll,  when your offerings water to your spirits


💚Pslams 30: to be free from evil , recovery from illness


💚Pslams 31:to escape slander , psychic protection,relives stress


💚Pslams 32:for love , for protection from drowning , for herbal baths


💚Psalms 33: to protect a child, for work for abundance , for bones


💚Pslams 34: against misfortune , protection from officials or authority


*💚Pslams 35:Sucess for lawsuits , for hexing , keep someone away


💚Pslams 36: against evil and protection of pets


💚Pslams 37: to overcome jealousy , rid drinking problem or bad habit ( light candle for the person) good for blood disorders


💚Pslams 38: rid spirits from home


*💚Pslams 39: for spiritual guidance, against abuse


💚Pslams 40: Overcoming anxiety and depression


💚Pslams 41 - Stop Money Loss , against evil intent


*💚Pslams 42: spiritual recharging , helps against psychic vampires, good for empaths & spiritual prophecy, premonition through dreams and meditation


💚Pslams 43 - road opener , discharge from hospital , spiritual help , finding an answer


💚Pslams 44- to be safe from enemies , remove lower spirits


💚Pslams 45 - restore sex drive, blessing a family , creating unity , blessing a man and his wife , harmony , bless relationship


💚Pslams 46: tame ill mannered family members , calm family disputes


💚Pslams 47 - gain favor from those in power, get a raise, to influence someone


💚Pslams 48: to stop enemies , protection from robbers , good to cleanse door ways , cleanse tension


💚Psalms 49: to combat envy , protect material belongings


💚Pslams 50: for headaches , protection against court cases and jail


💚Pslams 51: need mental peace , cleanse material body


💚Pslams 52: against slander and against incantation


💚Pslams 53: to combat black magic


💚Pslams 54 - reversal magick ,


💚Pslams 55 revenge against enemies, break bad luck


*💚Pslams 56:against those that plot against you , free self from stagnant love affairs , to be noticed or popular


💚Pslams 57: against rath of ex lover , protection against disasters


💚Pslams 58: protection against , animals and dogs


💚Pslams 59: prevent overposseivness


💚Pslams 60: safety for soliders or fighters , heal injurys


💚Pslams 61:: blessing a new home and reset vibration , recite at door ,against psychic attacks


💚Pslams 62:Protection & Grounding , Against curses on family


💚Pslams 63 : Unfair business partners , overcome night terrors , important decisions


💚Pslams 64: to be protected while traveling , punish deceitful people


💚Pslams 65: protection while traveling over air or water or land, for blessings and fortune


💚Pslams 66: driving out evil , calming nerves , against mind control , against abuse , psychic self defense


💚Pslams 67- Love & Friendship blessing


💚Pslams 68: to remove evil from around a person , place of thing , remove spirits that cause illness


💚Pslams 69: protects home from natural disasters


💚Pslams 70: to weaken and confuse an enemy or remove someone that wants your lover


💚Pslams 71: against slander & gossip , be free from incarceration

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