The 8 Forms Of Intimacy

Eight Forms Of Intimacy 🌹✨❤️🥂

Intimacy, not sex, is the glue of a long and happy (long term and loving) relationship
Encourage partner to practice these other forms of intimacy to spark wanting to hang out together more.

🔑 1. Experimental Intimacy ❤️ : (taking the time to experience things together) Ex: simple as sitting on the park bench and hiking or exotic like discover dancing, bungee jumping, and a trip abroad. (Whatever it is you do do it without distractions) phones or kids

🔑 2. Emotional Intimacy ❤️ : (feels safe to be vulnerable and share what you feeling to not be judged or criticized or looked down upon.) Being vulnerable and honest with your partner. Sit with you be present with you while you cry and still be a supportive mate. * Couples who are emotionally disconnected are at a higher risk for divorce. EMOTIONAL INTIMACY IS THE MAIN GLUE of all intimacy in a relationship.

🔑 3. Intellectual Intimacy ❤️:  ( share interesting books, magazines, or movies your partner finds exciting and talk to your partner about that. * Adds excitement as well as personal growth *

🔑 4. Spiritual Intimacy ❤️:  ( witnessing a miraculous event together and share it ) Being part of something bigger than yourself together. The ability for couples wrap their minds around doing something or creating that contributes to something bigger than they are. Ex: A project or practicing the same faith together. * Bonds the relationship and keeps it tight.
🔑 5. Physical Intimacy ❤️: ( affectionately touching your partner) Sharing physical proximity and being affectionate. Ex: touch,hug, touch back of neck when driving. Little things demonstrates presence.

🔑 6. Sexual intimacy ❤️ : (most intimate you can possibly be) Is much easier when all other areas of intimacy are nutured/combined. To feel exclusive to another person and feel connected and we matter to someone we hold in high regard.

🔑 7. Creative Intimacy ❤️: (looking for creative ways to remind each other of the love, affection, and bond that you both share). The cute meaningful things to make each other feel loved and appreciated are often ignored. Ex: surprise them with handwritten notes you like in your significant other and hand it over daily,weekly, etc

🔑 8. Conflict Intimacy ❤️:  (working through disagreements in a civilized and respectful manner). To work to a consensus or agree to disagree. This is achieved when you come to understand each other’s differences. Ex: discuss the conflict resolution with a calm mind and you are not as emotional. Use a soft tone and share your thoughts and feelings freely. Be logical about the conflict and RESPECT each other’s differences. *Please note conflicts are normal in any relationship it takes being willing to be negotiating and working through it together and not against each other. They are not bad as long as you respectful, compassionate, and considerate.

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