The Subconscious & Unconscious Mind

The Conscious Mind , The Subconscious Mind & The Unconscious Mind. The key word to understanding what role the conscious mind takes on is "Awareness" . The conscious mind processes the sensations we feel ( the five senses ) , it processes incoming information & interactions. Your conscious mind is basically an OBSERVER , that helps you make your decisions . We then have the subconscious and unconscious mind. The unconscious mind and subconscious mind are linked and very similar but different because they both are associated and influenced by memory , they both influence our behavior and ways except, the unconscious mind rules over our long term memory ,stores deep seated wounds , all memories (even the ones we think we have forgotten) and our original wiring also known as  the things we have been programmed + instilled with since birth. Now that we have a basic & logical understanding of those two minds we can move on to the subconscious and why the subconscious hold so much importance , the subconscious mind rules short term memory ,and is constantly shifting our behavior & shaping our reality, it's always being influenced + altered  by visuals ( television ,  pictures , symbols ,what we read ), Music + Soundwaves , Speech ( what is said to us + what we constantly say + how we speak to ourselves) , day to day habits + routines(repetition) & This is why we must be MINDFUL of what we do constantly and what we consume mentally on the day to day basis . One of the most known ways to help reprogram + rewire you subconscious is by doing affirmations for an extended amount of time . For example , If you adopt an affirmation and that affirmation says something like " I attract positive people into my life " and you begin to say that  affirmation for a specific amount of time daily it will influence the subconscious mind and in result you will begin attracting positive people in your life because the subconscious creates our reality. This method is in a way tied to The Law Of Attraction (LOA) you attract what you think about / focus on and/or feel. - @lovingnahnah

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