Aries : Key Word : Reinvention

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The month of October for Aries is all about rebuilding your foundation. Rebuilding yourself, finding yourself  again and finding balance in all aspects. For a long period of time many of you 

were experiencing unexpected events involving finances , creative projects that didn't fall through how you desired , or business plans that didn't manifest . This lead to confusion, and your internal world  being disrupted but now , that the feelings of confusion and exhaustion is passing. Feelings of clarity and ease come in this month to save you from mental exhaustion created by the months before. Ariens as you regain balance of yourself and your internal world it is important for you to take things slow , and sit on your plans. Visualize exactly what you want, be very specific about how you want your plans to unfold , before you take action again , because once you do decide and gain certainty things WILL finally manifest. Your other advice for this month Ariens is to be honest about things, situations , and habits that make you feel unsatisfied.

P U R G E what does not resonate with you this month to destroy any lingering feelings of confusion and to thrive.


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