Cancer : Key Word : Stabilizing

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Cancers may have been feeling out of control emotionally this past month and doing things they usually don't .In September Cancerians you may have lollygagged or been completely unorganized. Cancerians for this month of October , learn how to keep promises to yourself . Learn how to be disciplined , learn to focus on the tasks you've set for yourself or simply the things that make your heart sing. Channel the erratic and intense energy September has left you with. Being impulsive or making decisions too quickly this month will only make things more unorganized Cancer, so do breathing work frequently in order to ground yourself and clear your mind this month. It's important to get your feelings under control so intense emotions or erratic energy doesn't wreck your life. On another note some Cancers may desiring a change in location , scenery or work. Know that the opportunity/offer to make that shift comes to you towards December .

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