Gemini : Key Word : Vacation

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Geminis have been in a very earnest mood. In September Gemini you  have been trying to keep it together although , you feel overwhelmed because multiple tasks and situations that seemed  to have been thrown at you left and right. Although we are in October now you still feel overwhelmed Gemini , yet you still manage to prevail and push through . But all this work has made you feel defensive and burned out and crave a physical+mental vacation. Which you truly need. Geminis your advice for the month of October is “take a break”. This month allow yourself to relax regularly . Decline more than you can handle, not everything is your responsibility or burden to carry Gemini. Sit on the bench of life and take a break, you can’t run errands and take on other people's responsibilities all year round. Consider what is truly a priority and your responsibility not everyone else

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