Leos : Key Word : Self Reliance

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 The lesson for the month of October for the Leos is “Self Reliance + Self Trust”.During this month many of you may question  “ Can I trust myself and my intuition?” or “ Am I going the right way in life ?” the answer is yes. Another question that may have arose is “who is here for me?” . Many questions that you seek answers to may have plagued your mind but more so this month Leo you are wondering , who can you rely on and talk to about the inner changes you’re going through. Although you know you have some people to turn to, this October may seem lonesome. The ultimate reason for this feeling Leo is to learn to trust yourself, your willpower, and your abilities . The month of October is not a month to listen to what others have to say , or be around others often.It is a time for you to listen to your spirit . A time to rejuvenate , rest and take care of yourself.  Besides lonesome feelings , many leos have tried ( or have) walked away from an emotionally draining / charged romantic situations. If you haven't, it's only because you don’t want these feelings of feeling lonely to consume you, but you must remember Leos the sun lives inside of you and that light can help you through anything, you can walk away. If you have walked away know you are still healing + realigning your energy. Take the time you need to restore yourself don’t rush the healing . One way to help the feelings of loneliness and speed up your healing this month Leo is to create . Start doing a hobby you put off in the past or begin a new one . Transmute your dense feelings.

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