Libras: Key Word : Self - Love

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The message for Libras for the month of October is “ Love Yourself As You Are”. Many Libras may have been very self critical lately. Libras you haven be wrapped up in critiquing everything  you do, how you look, how you work, judging and critiquing yourself endlessly . Yet Libra you should be doing the very opposite , telling yourself what you LOVE about YOU, thinking self-loving thoughts. Do not beat yourself up Libra know that you are doing what you can , embrace yourself and achievements instead.  Libras this month you would benefit from pampering yourself frequently. Treat yourself to a massage , get a new hairstyle , or shop. It’ll help you to create new positive feelings about your appearance. Moving forward into the month of October, feelings of happiness will increase , you will begin to feel freer than you have previously.

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