Sagittarius : Key Word : Detox

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The messages for Sagittarius , this month is to “ Let Things Go “ this goes for people , items , habits , and ways of thinking . This month is a time for you to let go of toxins within and around you, this is something that has been way overdue. You fire sign are similar to the phoenix right now everything , crumbling down and you start having from scratch only , for you to rise up stronger and better than ever . It’s okay to start over. With this feeling of starting over and things not going your way  .With this experience starting over and things not going your way comes feelings of wanting to be selfish feelings of anger wanting to be introverted . You may feel that you aren't in control of your life anymore or your unstable when things don’t go your way but know that you are. things just don’t always go as planned.Sagittarius don't let starting and going back to the drawing board upset you. Trust yourself and trust things will work out for your best interest . In the midst of your rebirth Sags be sure to have a little fun to repel feelings of solace and irritability and invite joy and ease in.

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