Scorpios : Key Word : Safety

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 Scorpios  the theme for the month of October for you is romance , friendships , and learning trust in your connections / relationships . It’s nothing wrong with being skeptical of the people you interact with or getting acquainted with Scorpio but, there is a time where you have to eventually trust . This month you may feel as if you need to be on guard more than usual. 

No one is out to get you Scorpio . Trust that everyone come across has come to you has good intentions , set the intention you meet people with good intentions only , especially romantically give things a chance . This does not mean dismiss your intuition or intuitive nudges your recieve about others.  This does not mean disregard feelings of anxiety/ paranoia when it comes to trust people , it just means you have to learn how to distinguish when the feelings are coming from a place of fear and distrust in people, and when it’s coming from spirit. Ask your guides to reveal people's true intentions .

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