Taurus : Key Word: Softness + Solitude

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For the month of October many Taureans seem to have a “ whatever happens, happens “ mindset. Many of you may be craving time alone. You may purposely be avoiding calls , messages , and social events . Taurus you are craving stability + internal healing and the only way you feel you can do that is through focus and complete solitude and less interactions from the outside world , even those closest to you. You want to focus on healing , developing and improving the skills you harbor. October is definitely a month of building and healing for you Taurus. Keep in mind for this month every small step you take with healing and work will help you towards the successful outcome you desire . Trust that. On the other hand many Taureans have been silencing & dismissing their intuition. As a result ,may be experiencing stomach pains and developing stomach trouble. Be mindful this month when you experience stomach pain and sensations . Observe when you experience the sensations or pain . Are you around someone ? Did you think a specific thought? Your gut (intuition)is talking but are you willing to listen Taurus? Further into the month you can expect changes in love regardless if you are in a relationship , single or dating. If your in a relationship, during the middle of the month your insecurities or fears about love may begin to take a toll on you. Be sure to talk with your significant other about these insecurities and/or fears . Taurus do not shy away from talking about your feelings . For my single / dating Taurus there will be a new love coming into your life . Be ready for this new potential partner they will be filled with energy , wanting to make plans with you and be ready ready for commitment. The question is will you accept them? Will you let them pull you out of hermit mode?

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