Virgos: Key Word : Financial Flow

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Virgoans this month is all about creating a flow in your life , materially and financially . October is the month of opportunities for you Virgo . You may begin to see small opportunities  manifest into your life to help you reach your material / financial goals. The saying that rings true for you, Virgo is “ Ask and you shall receive ”. Yet Remember with the more we ask for Virgo , the more work that has to be done. The new things that you asked for may shake up your routine or schedule causing you to just want to resort back to your old routine . The key here is not to decline opportunities , stop working or resort back  to your old routine Virgo. The key here is to pace yourself. Continue to embrace and accept new opportunities that flow your way. Remember to breathe when you are feeling overwhelmed by all the positive new things manifesting itself in your life, don’t overthink the good manifestations or believe it comes with a price you deserve it Virgo , you’ve manifested this. As the year ends it will be prosperous and busy , be happy , enjoy every moment of it and breathe . On the other hand some Virgoans may feel they haven’t been receiving what they deserve in connections . They may feel as if their energy isn’t reciprocated , or they didn’t get the recognition they deserve . Remember Virgos don’t pour into someone or something that takes but never gives in return . Virgos we come here to help , but we didn’t come here to be taken for granted or taken advantage of.

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