Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil

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Lavender a herb well known for it's sooth relaxing aroma and soft appealing purple color.
Lavender is known to ease , calm and purify the mental , emotional , physical and spiritual bodies .
It is an herb that promotes inner-peace, releases energetic blocakages , bring forth inner harmony.
Connecting with Lavender can also help you connect with your angels , spirit guides and guardian angels through dreams
because it stimulates the third-eye chakra.
For physical ailments when appiled externally, lavender oil helps ease migranes,headaches,burns ,insomnia and bug bites.
To soothe headaches , tension , migraines massage drops of oil into your neck , temples and forhead. To treat burns mix
aloe and lavender. To help with insomnia rub lavender oil into your temples and behind your ears.
Lavender is also an herb that attracts love , in order to help attract love rub lavender oil over your
heart chakra clockwise to attract love .

Ingredients : Lavender , Lemongrass .

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