Mystic Dreams

Mystic Dreams

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Lavender Honey Soap 🧼 


Castille & Coconut Based Lavender Honey Soap: Helps To Promote Cognitive Functions & Calmness. Helps Relieve Anxiety Depression Irritability Panic Attacks & Stress.

Lavender a herb well known for it's sooth relaxing aroma and soft appealing purple color.

Lavender is known to ease , calm and purify the mental , emotional , physical and spiritual bodies .

It is an herb that promotes inner-peace, releases energetic blocakages , bring forth inner harmony.

Connecting with Lavender can also help you connect with your angels , spirit guides and guardian angels through dreams

because it stimulates the third-eye chakra.

For physical ailments when appiled externally, lavender oil helps ease migranes,headaches,burns ,insomnia and bug bites.

Mystic Dreams may be for you if :

  • You’d like to connect with your angels through dreams 
  • Your holding tension and/or stress in your body and want to relax 
  • You want to purify or attract feelings of inner peace 

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