Readings & Dream Interpretations
Readings & Dream Interpretations
Readings & Dream Interpretations

Readings & Dream Interpretations

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About Soul Shops  Readings: Below describes what each service entails , be sure to provide your email and  fill out the forum sent to your email after your purchase  so we connect properly for your reading and get acquainted .

Archangels Oracle Deck Reading [$35]
This archangel deck helps deliver messages from the archangels, your guardian angels and your spirit guides This deck includes prayers , mantras and affirmations you can recite to help change things in your life , they provide advice , reassurance and clarity . Soul Shop recommends this type of reading if you have been feeling like you been psychically attacked, spiritually attacked or concerned with your spiritual protection or need help communicating with your guides.

Dream Oracle Deck Reading [$20]

These oracle cards tap into the energies of your unconscious , subconscious , and conscious mind and bring forth messages and clarity . These also help provide , information about energetic imbalances and how to balance them .Soul Shop recommend this type of reading if you feel energetically imbalanced , have vivid dreams or need spiritual clarity .

Love Tarot Reading [$30]

If you have questions about your relationship , or curious if there's a new love interest around, a love tarot reading is for you . Be Sure To Include , Who your inquiring about name and birthday. In The Forums (Extra Space) Section.

General Tarot Reading[$20]

For this reading you can inquire about a specific situation , area of life or person or simply ask for general advice and insight . In this reading there will be information about how to improve what you are inquiring about and if there are any hidden obstacles .

Celtic Cross Tarot Reading[$40]
The Celtic Cross is a 10 card detailed tarot reading . This reading taps into the past , the future, the conscious and unconscious mind , blockages , influences and so much more.

One Card Tarot Readings [$8]
Inquire about any person , situation , ask for advice or ask a question

Three Card Tarot Readings[$15]

Inquire about any person , situation , ask for advice or ask a question

Dream Interpretations [$30]

Are you having a reoccurring dream , vivid dreaming or dreams that moves you deeply and want to inquire about it’s meaning this the service for you . My dream interpretation services are a complete break down of your dream , the symbolic meaning of your dream and a mini tarot reading . A detailed description of the dream Is required . A series of questions will be asked to help conclude your dreams meaning .

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