Introduction To Candle Magic

Introduction To Candle Magic: Types Of Candles + Color Correspondence

There are various types of candles used in candle magic , each candle type has different usage. One candle type is figured / shaped candles , the shapes range from animals , spiritual/religious symbols , people etc. You  would choose the figure or shape of the candle based on what your spell is for or your intent. Another type is tealight candles , tea light candles can be used when you want something to happen quickly . Pillar candles or free standing candles can also be used you must observe the wax for  shapes the wax make . Glass encased candles can also be used you must observe the glass for white or black soot .

 Candle Color Correspondence:

White: Purification, peace , truth , happiness, protection 

Red: Protection, strength , health , energy, sexual energy , lust , passion, love , destruction , root chakra

Black: Absorbing , and destroying negativity , jinxies , tricks, protection, breaking addiction , astral travel.

Blue : Understanding , tranquility ,  meditation, patience , overcoming depression, psychic powers , subconscious , ocean spells , psychic protection , the throat chakra.

Green: Luck , healing , plants , growth , the heart chakra , fertility , employment, prosperity, nature magick , fairies 

 Gray: neutrality , cancelation , finding things, developing abilities, money magick , 

Yellow: Attraction , success, fortune , will power ,  charm, friendships

Orange : Success , adaptability, road - opener , change le

Purple: Domination , ambition , psychic visions , psychic protection . compelling , domination , wisdom , business 

Pink:Self - Love , love , peace , happiness

Brown : court cases, friendships ,  grounding , animal magick, animal health , endurance 

Indigo:wisdom , neutralization, communication with spirits , meditation , third-eye 

Introduction To Candle Magic: Cleansing

Cleansing your candles is a very important step , in candle magick . Before the candle gets into your hands it is met by multiple energies , so it is important to cleanse the candle before you put it to use , if you don’t there is a high chance you spell may not be as effective.

Cleansing Methods

Visualization: One way many people cleanse objects/items including candles is through visualization. One way to cleanse your candle through visualization is imagine all energetic debris being removed from the candle by a white light , purple light or blue light

Incense : You can use and incense such as sage , frankincense . sandalwood or whichever incense , you find suitable , be sure to  allow the smoke to consume the candle entirely .

Sea Salt:Bury the candle in sea salt for 24hrs , sea salt is known for purifying spaces and items

Introduction To Candle Magic: Herbs + Carrier Oils

A carrier oil is an oil you anoint your candle with based on the intention of your spell. When anointing the candle you must anoint the candle with the carrier oil in a specific direction . When you want to attract something towards you , the way you do this is to point the candle towards you , the wick should be facing you .  You then anoint the candle the candle from the base of the candle to the wick. To rid or keep something away from you would point the wick away from you , the base of the candle should be facing you . You then anoint from the base down .   

Carrier Oil  Types:

  • Olive Oil
  • Almond Oil
  • Avocado Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Money Drawing Oils
  • Love Drawing Oils
  • Protection Oils
  • JoJoba Oil
  • Attraction Oils

  • Herbs: Herbs play an important role in candle magic because each herb carries an energy , if you use the herbs that correlates with your intention of your spell it can help amplify the energy making it more likely for your spell to manifest and be effective.You can crush up the herbs or roll your candle around in it. You can surround your candle with herbs  Below are a few herbs you can use and their spiritual purpose .

    Herb Uses:

    Lavender:Relaxation , peace , dream magick , inner harmony, balance , clarity , receiving messages from angels, release energy blockages, clearing auric field.

    Star Anise/ Anise Seeds: psychic abilities  , protection , good luck, protection from evil

    Allspice : prosperity. determination , will power , increasing energy , luck , attracting money .

    Angelica Root : protection ,divination ,  , good health, good luck, emotional balance , peace 

    Basil: protection , wealth , repelling and removing negative entities & energies 

    Bay : help wishes manifest , increase psychic abilities , clarity , cleansing 

    Chamomile: calmness , meditation , happiness relaxation  

    Clove : attract wealth , prevent gossip 

    Cumin : keep items safe , protection from theft

    Dill: attracting money , attracting love , strengthening protection

    Frankincense: protection , attracting good spirits , power , purification 

    Ginger : love , success , sexual energy , increase power 

    Mint : prosperity , protection  , cleansing , luck 

    Marigold :  increasing clairvoyance , marriage / love , psychic dreams

    Mugwort : astral projection , clairvoyance , protection , increasing psychic abilities , energy 

    Nutmeg : prosperity 

    Rosemary : love , health , purification , blessings 

    Patchouli : increasing money flow , increasing fertility 

    Aloe : beauty , happiness , success , protection 

    Caraway : attracting love 

    Dragons Blood : protection , good luck , protection , helps with fertility spells 

    Hawthorn : promotes happiness in relationships and marriages , protection against evil , promotes change



    Introduction To Candle Magic : Flames & Smoke

    Candle Magic is a form of magic that involves two main elements ,  fire and air . The element of fire is a masculine element .Spiritual work involving the element of fire fuels the spells power , transmutes energies , clears away blockages  , ignites change , speeds up the results of a spell , fire is a powerful element to work with. The flame of the candle carries the element of fire ,The way the element of fire works for you and your spell  all depends on the intent of your spell or candle . In candle magic it is important to take note of how your flame is behaving and ask yourself these questions .

    • Is your flame high or low?
    • Does the color of your flame embody more of a red, yellow or blue tone?
    • Are there multiple flames?
    • Is the candle burning quickly or slowly?

    Types Of Flames 

    • High Flames
    • Low Flames
    • Jumping Flames
    • Multiple Flames

    A high and tall strong flame with a  steady burn is an indicator that you have put a lot of energy into the spell ,  that your intentions were clear and that your spell will be successful.

    A jumping flame indicates strong energy in the spell yet there may be some obstacles or energy working against you .

    A low flame indicates not enough energy was inputted into the spell. If it is a steady small flame it means that means things can work out in your favor , that would be more likely if the flame grows over time.

    Multiple flames are an indication of other energies or entities involved in your work. Depending on the type of spell you are doing it can indicate other people 

    Note: Other observations to be mindful of :

    A Popping Flame:This action from the candle usually indicates spirits trying to communicate with you or to pay attention to the candle ( look out for shapes in the wax , wick or observe wax drippings).A popping flame can also indicate outside energies working against your spell . (Keep In Mind The Type Of Spell Work Your Conducting During This Action)

    Flame Goes Out: When a candle flame goes out on it's own this usually indicates that the spell should not be done , will not manifest, if you have done the same spell previously it indicates that your desires are already manifesting.

    Non - Extinguishable Candle: Indicates that the candle needs to be completed and to pay attention to the intent or energy you've put into the spell.

    Flame Colors

  • Red & Yellow : These colors are indications of high energy in the spell 
  • Blue: An indication of a strong spiritual energy around and participating in the spell.

  •  Moving forward to the element of air, this element is also considered masculine . Air is associated with the mind , communication , messages , spirit. Air manifests in candle work through the smoke that the candle exerts during the spell. What should be kept in mind or you should ask yourself  while observing the smoke is

    • Is the smoke white or black
    • How often is the candle smoking ?

    ( note:  some candles may not exert as much smoke as others if it exerts any at all)

    White Smoke : This is a great sign , puffs of white smoke signal that things will work out in your favour , benevolent spirits and success

    Black Smoke: Black smoke indicates the spell may need to be conducted again , a cleansing is needed or a lot of opposition is present.

    There will be an upcoming extended lesson on candle magic , this lesson will dive into  the symbolic meaning of shapes that form in candle wax or images that appear in the wick , how to get rid of the remains of a candle and a extended list of herbs and their spiritual correspences .