432Hz Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl ( 8 inch )

432Hz Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl ( 8 inch )

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  • ENERGYSOUND CRYSTAL SINGING BOWL: Our crystal singing bowls are made of high-quality crystal with a purity higher than 99.99%. They are beautiful to look at and listen to. Each singing bowl looks bright and not very very white; The sound is clear and lasting long time. Each product is carefully selected to ensure accurate note and clear sound. We are directly operated by the factory, buyers can get the high-quality and good price crystal singing bowls.
  • THE BENEFITS OF USING CRYSTAL SINGING BOWLS: Crystal singing bowls are used with yoga, sound healing, crystal cleansing, space clearing and to signify the beginning and end of meditation.Significantly reduces stress and anxiety;Stimulates the immune system;It assists with lowering blood pressure and anger; Deep relaxation and pain relief; Assists with chakra cleansing and balancing;Helps to calm overactive adrenals;Increases mental and emotional clarity.
  • HOW TO PLAY CRYSTAL SINGING BOWL: Clear your mind to increase positive intentions;Place the rubber ring provided with your bowl on a flat sturdy surface and set your bowl upon it. Some smaller bowls are best used in your hand since they can be too light to sing on a flat surface.lightly tap the outside rim of the bowl and begin to guide the striker around the corner of the outside edge of the rim.

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