Opening To Channel

Opening To Channel

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This book has a message: Channeling is a skill that you can learn. Channeling involves achieving an expanded state of consciousness that allows you to connect with a high-level guide or your higher or innermost self. To channel, you do not have to be spiritually evolved or have been psychic all your life; you do need patience, perseverance, and a strong desire to make the connection.
We are encouraging you to be a conscious channel — aware of what your guide says. You will learn how to raise your vibration to sense, see, or hear in the higher realms of the guides, and consciously bring through messages. We will call this "channeling."
Is channeling real? There are hundreds of stories about scientists trying to disprove paranormal phenomena and then becoming convinced that there was something more to it than met the eye. Many became advocates of channeling or channels themselves. Although there may be no way to prove whether channeling is real in the ordinary sense, we certainly have seen many people use it to produce positive results in their lives.
Over the course of many years, we and our guides, Orin and DaBen, have taught thousands of people to channel and followed them in the development of their channeling. These people had one thing in common: a strong desire to channel. Invariably, they have reported that it has changed their lives for the better.

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